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Fountain of Wisdom

Legacy Video

Welcome to The Fountain of Wisdom, where we believe that every life is a story worth telling and preserving. Our legacy video service offers you a unique opportunity to encapsulate the essence of your journey, wisdom, and the lessons you've learned, crafting a timeless gift for generations to come.

Capturing Wisdom before it’s lost

Here's why The Fountain of Wisdom is your ideal partner in this journey:

  1. Deep Engagement: Reflecting on your life's journey and sharing your story is not just a legacy act—it's a profoundly engaging and fulfilling experience that offers clarity, joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Tailored to You: Whether you prefer to share a series of letters, a collection of stories, or create an extensive legacy video, we offer options to suit your style, ensuring your legacy is captured just as you envision it.

  3. Professional Quality: With state-of-the-art video production, your stories will be captured with the utmost professionalism, ensuring clarity, emotional resonance, and a timeless quality.

  4. A Gift Beyond Time: These legacy videos are more than a keepsake; they're a beacon for future generations, offering wisdom, connection, and a tangible link to their heritage.


Our Services:

  • Your Letter: Share your thoughts, values, and messages through personal letters, brought to life with professional video recording.

  • Your Stories: Every story you choose to tell is filmed with precision and care, turning your memories into vivid narratives for posterity.

  • Your Legacy Video: Create a mini-documentary of your life, a comprehensive legacy video that weaves together the threads of your experiences, insights, and values.

Legacy Video
Video Production, Videography,  Video editing, Content creation. Sergio Olivares

Who Can Benefit?

  • Share the wisdom of your years and leave a legacy that speaks of your life's journey, lessons, and love.

  • Pass on your career insights, professional journey, and the values that guided you, inspiring future generations in your field.

  • Families: Create a family legacy video, capturing the stories, traditions, and values that define your family's unique narrative.

  • Organizations: Preserve the founding stories, evolution, and core values of your organization, inspiring current and future stakeholders.

Video Production, Videography,  Video editing, Content creation. Sergio Olivares
Legacy Video

Embark on a journey with The Fountain of Wisdom to create something eternal. Your life's stories and wisdom deserve to be heard, cherished, and passed on. Let's craft a legacy that resonates with authenticity, emotion, and timeless wisdom.

Your Letter.

Your Stories.

Your Legacy Video.

Letters, some people may choose to record serval letters for different audiences.

Stories, some people may choose to record one or twenty stories. There is no limit to how many videos you choose to record.

Legacy video is your own mini documentary. Legacy videos require the most production time.

Legacy Video
About Section

Your Letter.

Your letter is just that, we help you write a letter to the generations that will follow. Share your thoughts and your love. Then we will record you reading your letter. With professional cameras, lighting and sound. Archiving your letter in your words for generations to come. 

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Edmonton Stories


We all have stories. Some of our best stories we haven't shared yet. Some we share all the time. Each story will live as a time capsule for generations that choose to open it. With the use of multiple professional cameras, lighting and sound. Edited with your visuals. You can tell one story or as many stories that you choose. Archived professionaly for generations to come.

Legacy Video

Imagine a timeless treasure that transcends generations, capturing the essence of a life richly lived. Legacy Video, a meticulously crafted digital storytelling experience that immortalizes the unique journey, wisdom, and achievements of individuals.


Legacy Video weaves together the multifaceted tapestry of an individual's life, incorporating elements of occupation, community, sport, and family. More than just a video, it serves as a unifying force, fostering stronger family bonds and imparting educational and inspirational value to future generations. Meticulously crafted with professional production quality, each Legacy Video is a tangible and timeless gift that preserves your family's heritage and cultural identity. 

In essence, it's a legacy preservation service that encapsulates the heart and soul of a lifetime. Make an investment that transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on your family's history. The Legacy Video is not just a concept; it's an opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will be celebrated for generations to come.

Legacy Video
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