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Edmonton Oilers NHL BTS


Rather than relying on costly retention strategies, consider the transformative impact of the "gratitude effect". Let me help you deliver your message in a clear, fun, and creative manner. Harnessing the power of storytelling through my video production services, I specialize in addressing your business's distinct pinch points. By intimately understanding your narrative and actionable value, I craft compelling marketing videos that seamlessly merge podcasting with commercial appeal. Through the gratitude effect, I foster organic growth while ensuring tangible results. Collaborate with me to reshape your brand narrative and captivate your audience within the dynamic digital landscape. Contact me to learn more.

Official trusted NHL Professional Camera
NHL Oilers Camera behind the Scenes

Actionable Value through Video

Professional video learning modules offer dynamic, engaging ways to convey information. These modules integrate high-quality visuals, clear narration, and interactive elements to enhance comprehension and retention

The Edmonton Police Service hired me to produce this Documentary for them. The focus on Indigenous Ways of Knowing and the land's story is both important and timely. By exploring this subject matter in depth and respect, you have the potential to create a ripple effect that will be felt for generations to come. And by fostering respectful knowledge translation, you can help build stronger relationships and promote greater understanding between different communities.

Provide value for your community.

Oilers Entertainment Group hired me to produce this amazing local story.  


Boyle Street Community Centre and their community support.

Professional production enhances viewer value and functions as an alternative advertising approach. Enhanced content builds brand credibility and trust. High-quality production grabs attention, fostering connections, and showcases your business as innovative problem-solvers.

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